About Me

Costa Kitchen was born from my love of food, photography and entertaining. In the past I’ve struggled with body issues and this blog is a way for me to document my recipes which are yummy and also happen to be healthy. For me I’ve always seen food as either an angelic choice or a devilish choice. Over time I’ve learned to cook food that is a combination of the two to result in a fun balanced way of eating. As a new Mom, I want my daughter to be exposed to a wide range of different foods and to grow up loving her perfect healthy body.  I also love making demo cooking videos because its fun and expresses my inner performer.  Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my blog and please enjoy!


Anna Costa is an event and food photographer who uses her photographic skills to inspire her audience to try her original recipes. Her blog, “Costa Kitchen” features California Comfort food and is inspired by the exquisite events Anna shoots in her resort town of Santa Barbara. Featuring food with light and bright flavors Anna’s recipes reflect her passion for a good meal that is often accidentally healthy. Anna’s recipes have been featured in such places as the Huffington Post, Fox News Magazine, Food Gawker, Taste Spotting and several other blogs. Anna’s event and food images have been seen in such publications as The Knot, Las Vegas Bride, Santa Barbara Magazine, C Magazine as well as blogs such as Santa Barbara Chic and Style Me Pretty. Anna has won multiple awards for her photography from Wedding and Portrait Photographers International and has appeared on TV in such shows as Platinum Weddings and Whose Wedding is this Anyways. Anna loves to play with her small daughter and husband and enjoys entertaining (surprise!) in her home. Her last name means “coast” which is fitting as she lives by the sea.

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