Crispy Brussel Sprouts with a Garlic Aioli

Crispy Brussel Sprouts with a Garlic Aioli 

Brussel sprouts have a really delicious flavor and are almost like a more flavorful mini cabbage. This recipe can be served as an appetizer (think updated artichoke) OR as a vegetable side. You can omit the aioli if serving as a vegetable side or you can offer it separate and your guests can spoon it over the top. I made this with pork chops the other night and my husband freaked out it was so good. He’s so sweet. 🙂

Also, you might be wondering why I’m using canola oil instead of olive oil. The reason is  because brussel sprouts have such a unique and bold flavor and I didn’t want it to compete with the olive oil. Canola oil also seems to crisp things up a little better too. I hope you enjoy!

For Brussel Sprouts:

20 Brussel Sprouts cut into wedges

Canola Oil

Salt & Pepper

For Aioli:

6 tbs mayonnaise

1/4 tsp garlic minced fine

1 tsp lemon juice

1 tbs flat leaf parsley chopped fine

For Brussel Sprouts:

Place brussel sprouts on a baking sheet and drizzle with canola oil. Crack some fresh salt & pepper to taste. Mix around brussel sprouts on pan to ensure they all get nicely coated in the oil. Bake at 400 degrees for 15 minutes or until golden brown on at least one side.

For Aioli:

Mix together mayonnaise, garlic, parsley and lemon juice. Serve in a ramekin.

Place ramekin of aioli on a plate and surround with brussel sprouts. If serving as an appetizer, put some toothpicks on the side for your guests. Enjoy!

191 thoughts on “Crispy Brussel Sprouts with a Garlic Aioli

    • It does look so good, I will experience it next week.
      BUT please google canola oil, this oils is good as long as it is in the container. I was very happy to be surrounded by canola fields until I read about this oil. (not o good)

  1. Yum! Brussels sprouts are amazing as is, but add aioli? Fabulous. Thanks for the idea!

    I think brussels sprouts get a bad rap because their often served from the frozen section of the supermarket. Fresh sprouts are crazy good!

  2. can’t wait to try. we have new appreciation for brussel sprouts. are you mixing the garlic in raw? i am thinking of sauteeing it or roasting it…

  3. Just pinned this on Pinterest – I’ve never tried Brussel sprouts, but roasted veggies is one of my new favorite side dishes and I’m pretty sure Aioli is a food of the gods, so I’m definitely trying this. 😉

    Thanks for the recipe!

  4. Inspired by your recipe, I tried it. It was tasty, although I would bake the sprouts for about 10 minutes instead of 15 – they were a bit soft and I would have preferred them crisper. The aioli was ok, I should have used less garlic or did a quick saute of it first so it wouldn’t be so potent! But it even an herbed mayo would have been awesome.

    • So glad you tried it! Yes, if a little too much garlic gets in there then I can definitely see it being potent. 🙂 I specified to use a small bulb of garlic but perhaps with your feedback I’ll put in an exact amount like a half tsp to make sure that no over does it. Thanks so much!

  5. I can hardly wait! I already like em roasted.. but I can’t get enough garlic… I’m gonna love that Aioli I’m sure. Thank you for posting this!

  6. I have roasted brussel sprouts all the time, sprinkled with grated parmesano reggiano and a spritz of lemon. I think I’ll try a garlic-olive oil or safflower oil (can’t have the mayo).

  7. Love. Love. LOVE! Made it this evening, I don’t know what possessed me to do so, we all hate brussel sprouts. We fought over the last piece tonight! I made the aioli with greek yogurt instead of mayo and it tasted great. My 3 year old even inhaled them! Thank you!

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  9. Thanks so much for this recipe. I found it on Pinterest, and made it today for my Mom’s birthday. I roasted some Asparagus along with the Brussels sprouts, and everybody from my 2 year old daughter, to my Grandma loved it. Simple and lovely!

  10. I followed your recipe exactly. They turned out AWESOME. I feel like I only did one thing with sprouts before so I’m super excited. The aioli was great too, I think I’m going to try it with frites!

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  14. I used low fat mayo and added a little more garlic to the aioli. I made half the amount of aioli and lots of brussel sprouts I am on weight watchers and it came out to just 4 Points Plus and made a great lunch.

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  18. My husband and I absolutely love this Crispy Brussel Sprouts with Garlic Aioli recipe!
    The combination of flavors is awesome and I have a very hard time not devouring it. I’ve made it several times already and plan to make it again and again. Thank you so much for this. Anna!

    • Absolutely! I prefer canola for this particular recipe because it seems to crisp up the brussel sprouts a little more and I like it doesn’t compete with the flavor but either would be fine.

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  20. I do not like Brussel sprouts! BUT, I made this and had to make a second batch immediately because they went so quickly. Absolutely delicious!

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  23. We made these today. I love brussels sprout, but my husband was giving them dirty looks. When he tried it, he said “Hey! I like brussels sprout!” 🙂 Great recipe, we loved it!

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  26. I found this on Pinterest – amazing recipe! Love it!!
    I added a little bit of cayenne pepper (instead of the parsley) to give the aoili some heat. Delicious!!

  27. These were amazing! I found the recipe through Pinterest and couldn’t wait to try it. I just ate the last one and am already wondering if I could make more later tonight for a snack! Yum!

  28. I made this for a side with our dinner tonight. My husband and son loved it. Can’t wait to make this for my next dinner party!!

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  30. My mom gave me some fresh brussel sprouts. I was just about to google some recipes when I saw this on pinterest. Making it today for my husband and I! Thanks.

    • I haven’t tried any other dipping sauces for this recipe other than the mayonnaise based one. A combination cream cheese and sour cream might be a good substitute. Let me know if it works out!

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  32. Made these tonight, first time with fresh brussel sproouts. I didn’t have any parsely so I used fresh dill, was soooo good!

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  37. We had these for dinner last night. The first time I deep fried Brussel Sprouts (cooking these for about a year) my Fiance’ thought I was crazy! We have made these for friends that said they did not like Brussel Sprouts at all. When they tried them, they wanted to know how to make them. Your sauce will be an added flavor I’m sure. Thanks for sharing.

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  40. I made this and followed the recipe to the T…….I’m telling you What…..It was Fantastic!!!! So glad to have found this…makes a HUGE difference in the taste of brussel sprouts!! I will buy them fresh and cook them this way from Now on!!!! The aioli was also delish!!! I used Hellman’s.


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  43. They were a hit at Thanksgiving. Thanks for the recipe! You should have a link on here for Pinterest so it can be posted for others!

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  48. I repinned this from a friend…holy cow…nom nom…would NOT change a thing…thank you for your recipe…its awesome and anyone who tries it is in awe of the sprout!

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  54. Is this best served hot or can the sprouts be room temperature? I want to make them early in the day so as to try to get the smell out of my house before dinner :)! Can’t wait to try this recipe…I love sprouts!

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  56. This sounds delicious! I want to serve as an appetizer at a party – aka – it’ll get cold. Anyone know if it still tastes good if its prepared in advance & served room temp?

    • Its still pretty delicious at room temperature but you can easily put the brussel sprouts in the oven when 15 minutes before the guest arrive and they’ll be hot and ready to go!

  57. I have always loved Brussels sprouts, but when the edges are all crisped up and caramelized, like in this recipe, they are extra special, with or without the aioli YUM!!

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  63. I had some roasted brussels in a salad the other day and they were fabulous. I can’t wait to try this recipe, but I’m afraid I’ll have to use a light olive oil because we don’t do canola (can’t stomach the stuff). Thanks for sharing.

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      • My privilege, Anna! While I roast brussels as a side regularly, the “a ha” was to serve them as an appetizer with a delicious dipping sauce. They were a hit at our home party last night; even my 8 year old adored them! Happy 2014 to you & yours ❤

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  68. Just made this ! The ali was great …I love garlic and a bit of heat so I added a pinch of garlic powder and paprika~~yummy…my brussle sprouts didn’t come out quite crispy…I really enjoyed the stray leaves that fell off and got crispy like chips lol…even better than kale chips heh heh thank you for the recipe!

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  70. These are truly amazing. My family loves them! I made a slight modification and added a half teaspoon of pureed ginger to the mix which gave a really nice flavour to the roasted sprouts. A definite keeper of a recipe.

  71. Made these last night and they were soooo yummy. I skipped the aioli and squeezed some lemon on them right out of the oven and dusted them with some garlic salt before serving.

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  75. Such a great recipe! I found these a couple months ago with my mom and have been making then regularly since. I think everyone has a stigma against Brussels because most people grew up with them being boiled…and let’s face it, they aren’t wonderfully appetizing boiled. But THESE and other recipes I’ve found since (thank you btw for opening my eyes to the wonderful world of Brussels Sprouts) have been delicious! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙂

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  80. Hi I was wondering if using frozen Brussel sprouts would work alright? I am from the Midwest and have yet to find any fresh sprouts at the market. Hoping to make them tonight if frozen will work.

    • Thanks for the comment! I have never tried frozen brussel sprouts….If you do try and roast them, I would thaw them completely and then press out any moisture with a paper towel. If there is moisture in the sprouts them they will be steaming more than roasting in the oven…Let me know how it turns out!

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  86. I don’t cook at all, but I’ve spiked a sudden interest thanks to a visit to my Mom, who is a wonderful cool. One of my very favorite foodsnisnfroed Brussels with some sort of aioli from this really nice resturant I my hometown. Well the look of these Brussels reminded me of that. I tweaked it a little. Cutting them and then peeling the leaves to cook leaves, so is have Brussels leaves. Leaving in the rest or course. I used really good olive oil as well. It worked. I also used 5 tbs sirracha mayo and 1 Tbsiricle whip for the aioli, it’s all I had in hand, I added a little extra lemon juice and garlic to taste and texture, l then heated it for 10 seconds with wrap over it in the microwave and gave it a stir. Then another 10 seconds and stir before serving. I cooked the Brussels leaves in the oven 8 min then stirred the. Another 8 then transferred to pan for quick fry, then back to oven with many Stirs. It came out GREAT! I didn’t think cook , but I loved it, and my husband who is brutally honest said it was the best thing I’ve ever cooked and it tasted like the stuff from the restaurant.

  87. This is an amazing treat. My daughter made them for an appitizer before our Christmas dinner. I will definitely be making these when I have my girlie frieds over.
    Thanks for posting:)

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