Crispy Beef and Chorizo Tacos

These tacos are my Grandma’s recipe and only complete alongside her enchiladas but they are seriously good on their own too. For me, this is the ultimate comfort food that brings back memories of cozy family dinners that are truly magical. This is the most common dinner my Grandma would make for us and they are oh so delicious. She  would make a big batch of the fried taco shells with the meat in the them and then would put all the toppings out for everyone to build their own. I could eat these all day long…..Mmmmmmmmm

1 Pound Hamburger

⅓ Pound Chorizo (I use soy chorizo from Trader Joes)

Grated Cheddar Cheese

Grated Jack Cheese

Diced Tomatoes

Shredded Lettuce

Green Onions

Black Olives

Sour Cream

Corn Tortillas

Canola Oil

Brown hamburger and chorizo in pan. Drain any fat. Taste meat to see if its seasoned enough. If not, you can add a little packages taco seasoning. Set aside.

Fry corn tortillas in a pan with canola oil filled up enough to cover the tortillas. Fold over the tortilla and start on one side and then once fried turn it over. Drain on paper towels.

For the toppings make sure to set out the rest of the ingredients and let your guests build their own. Enjoy!

12 thoughts on “Crispy Beef and Chorizo Tacos

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