Pink Ruffled Apron Design

I’m sort of obsessed with pretty girly things and feel like kitchen aprons are the perfect way to express the ultimate of femininity. What was that song from the Disney movie, “Summer Magic”? “Femininity, femininity, thats the way to catch a beau!” I love it… And even though I already caught my “beau” I never get enough opportunities to wear fancy frilly things so why not wear them while cooking? Its the perfect way to have fun and play dress up while being productive and feeding the fam. This design is my personality to a T. Pink, Ruffles, Bows on an Apron = perfection. I designed  it and my friend an amazing seamstress Mercedes Trump sewed it for me. 😉

3 thoughts on “Pink Ruffled Apron Design

  1. Would love to have one for my Mother in Law. Could I order one? It’s absolutely beautiful and sweet! If so, could you let me know your price and timing?


    • Lynn, thank you so much for your kind compliments! Unfortunately, this apron isn’t mass produced. But your interest in purchasing it does make me think I need to get on that. I’ll let you know if it becomes available for sale. Thank you!

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