Ramblings on Refinement

Last night right before I fell asleep I had a inspirational quote enter my head. I immediately jumped out of bed and went into the living room to tell my husband my thought before I forgot it. Here is the thought, “Either life can refine you or you can refine yourself.”

Michael and I have had some easy time and some hard times in the past. And a lot of the hard times were self inflicted by not being proactive. There are so many things we could have avoided had we learned to have self control, be constant, create good habits and so forth. Right now our life is pretty dang good. Business is good, our baby is beautiful and healthy and life is doable. But we’ve had times where day to day life with hard, stressful and draining. I think this specific thought entered my head to remind me to not get complaisant. To not take things for granted or get lazy. To not think that we’ll be automatically be blessed like this forever. Life takes work, upkeep and patience.

So what are the things we could be better at? Budgeting is a big one. We sort of suck at it. We need to go through our statements each month and make sure we are staying within a budget so that we can further our life by paying off student loans! We need to be sure we are being good to those that graciously send us so much work. We need to be humble and not rationalize things that we may not need to buy. We need to be frugal with things like eating out and grocery shopping (this is obviously the hardest one for me!). We need to think of ways to save instead of spend.

There are so many more things we could refine beyond just money management. I think the key is to try to look into the future as much as possible to prepare. How will my health be in the future based on my actions today? How will my family be functioning based on how we are interacting now? And so forth…

Personally, I think refinement on my terms is a lot easier than refinement on life’s terms. When life forces you into refinement its almost like being put in time out. The earth is saying, “You get to learn this lesson because you’ve been irresponsible.” It sucks. I’m glad that little thought of inspiration hit me last night and I hope it wasn’t a foreshadowing hint for the future. Only time will tell.

One thought on “Ramblings on Refinement

  1. Very intuitive! It’s so true; one decision or lack there of, can influence us with far reaching repercussions. I like your idea better.

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