I can’t remember the last time I was this grumpy…. (WARNING: This post contains topics of a feminine nature)

Okay its time to vent. My blog might seem all sunshine and rainbows but my day to day struggles often times go unpublished. And now my perfect storm of grumpiness has fallen upon me and I’m documenting it. It all started with a diaper rash….

So Georgiana has this diaper rash that just wasn’t going away. At first it was like any other rash that didn’t seem to bother her too much. We put on all the creams and prescription stuff we had but it didn’t seem to get any better. And then it got so bad that she was in a ton of pain and basically just screamed and clawed at my face for two days straight. I took her into the doctor and it was determined she has strep. (For those of you who don’t know (I didn’t) you can get strep in your bottom.) So the last couple days she’s literally be writhing in pain and climbing all over me crying and screaming. And when we have to put on her medicine its like the world has ended. Okay, so that would be tough on any Mom, right? We’ll add to that your heaviest day of your period. (Sorry male readers). I have the worst periods and have even blacked out and hit my head once when it was really awful. So I’m in a daze all day from my period and from the baby and have to go to the store to get her prescription. When I get home I realize I have  blood stains on my pants even though I was using a heavy flow tampon and wearing a pad.  I don’t think anyone saw them but still. Then I stepped on a piece of glass….

My husband keeps on giving me pieces of advice that make me feel a rush of rage. I know its just my PMSing thats making me crazy but does he think think its really necessary to lecture me on draining the bath tub right away after I’ve been giving our screaming baby a bath and dealing with her madness all day!!!?? Or why is necessary for him to mention that our car might be on the brink of breaking down right in this moment of time?  I gently told him very calmly to please stop giving me advice and to make an effort to not mention things unless absolutely necessary. I think my brain is broken…I think he thinks so too…

Have you ever had a day where literally every human interaction bothers you? Perfectly nice people who are well meaning are driving me crazy. I love my husband with all my heart and he is so extremely patient with me. And yet I can’t seem to be nice no matter how hard I try. Its like I’m trying to catching him saying something I don’t like so I can pounce on it. He’s a saint to deal with me right now.

I’ve always said when I’m on my period I feel like I’m possessed. This time I might actually be true. The end.

6 thoughts on “I can’t remember the last time I was this grumpy…. (WARNING: This post contains topics of a feminine nature)

  1. Being a woman, wife and mother carries so many responsibilities that it can feel like being pulled in a million different directions. I just read Brooke Shields’ book “Down Came the Rain”. Even if postpartem depression isn’t on your radar, this is a fantastic book to read. She is so insightful about juggling motherhood, career, being a wife and retaining her individuality. Seriously though, I’d find a really great doctor and get a blood test to make certain your hormones aren’t fluctuating. They can go out of whack at any time for a number of reasons and no amount of advice will address biochemistry.

  2. P.S. It might be prudent to be checked out for endometriosis by someone who is super competent, not just a regular ob/gyn and should you be on birth control pills, they may be playing havoc with your system. Not all are created equal and can tinker with emotions, etc. making you feel very much unlike your normal self. Bit pushy advice but take it from a grandmother that’s seen the above bring normally easy going gals to the brink of breakdowns. No need to live with such extreme fluctuating emotions when there’s an underlying reason for them and remedies.

  3. Oh…..how terrible!! I am glad your baby is being treated. Don’t feel guilty about not knowing about strep infection. It is challenging, to say the least, to put up with all that rolled into one day!!! I pray you are doing better! I love your blog and the great recipes you share! Patricia
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  4. i have never been on your blog before, but came on for the crispy brussel sprouts with garlic ailoi recipe and stumbled on this post. It had me laughing and crying a bit all at once. I think every working mom and wife has felt this way in some shape or form at some time, although you did have one particularly egregious day from hell. Thank you for your refreshing honesty, candor and bravery to put it out there. I have felt that same “what is wrong with me” feeling, especially within the first year of both of my two kids’ lives, and it’s good that you are able to express it. I bet you felt better just after posting your blog entry! I hope so. In any case, please know you are not alone in having days that make you feel like the queen “B” but also know that you seem to have a great husband and baby to take comfort in when you need it. Enjoy them and when you can, get a little yoga in or something that relaxes you (did i read “tea” and “chocolate” as two of your favorites?). Last but not least, I hope your daughter is on the mend. I have never heard of strep in the bottom either. Sounds awful for her and for you. Best wishes, sincerely, Kara

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