Post Thanksgiving Rant & Recipe

After Thanksgiving there are all these leftovers but not necessarily enough for a full Thanksgiving do-over. I made a thanksgiving sandwich that was super yummy and didn’t take much of the  leftovers to put together. Here’s the recipe so that you can know what to do with those delicious bites:

1. Thanksgiving Sandwich.


sourdough bread toasted



cranberry sauce


Take your toasted sour dough bread and spread some gravy (slightly warmed so that its not totally fluid or congealed) on each slice. Layer one slice with turkey and top with cranberry sauce. Add the seconds slice of bread on top and cut in half. Voila!

In other news….I think I gained a pound back from all this holiday noshing. I count my calories every day and last week I ate about 2700 extra calories than I normally do. (For those of you who don’t know, I had a baby a year ago and am working on finishing off those last few pounds). I feel like because I’m out of town and trying to relax a bit that I’m slipping into a lazy  “I don’t care if I’m fat” mentality. I also think that when I’m home I start identifying myself as this massively obese person who has no hope of being as skinny as my slim women family members. Its almost as if my role in our family is as the fat one and even if I lose a ton of weight I’ll still feel that way. My sister is getting married and found a picture she wanted to use in a slideshow of growing up photos at her wedding. The main reason she wanted to use it was because it was a cute picture of her and my brother right before he left on a two year church mission.  I happened to be in the shot, caught off guard and smiling with a plate in my hand and mouth full of food. Bethany asked is I would be mad if she used the photos and I was like, ” Um, can you crop me out!?” My Mom starts laughing and makes a comment like, “Your brother is leaving for two years but that’s not stopping you from eating!” Nice, right? Well, I think I may be overly sensitive about comments like these. Probably if I didn’t make such a big deal about it in my head then if someone says something like this I wouldn’t pounce on it as being an insult. But anyway, since I’m home I’m feeling fat (like I usually do) and then there was an incident with Michael and I that I won’t go into but didn’t help. So now I’m feeling like whats the point of all this effort. Of course I’m not actually giving up on my health – I’m just feeling like a whiny defeatist right now. Also, we don’t have cable at our house so since I’ve been here I’ve been watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta which probably isn’t a good idea.

On a lighter note Michael and I have been having a great time on our little vacation. My parents only live an hour away from Santa Barbara so its been awesome to get away from work and just veg. We have built in babysitters here so its amazing to go to a movie or go to the luxurious chinese foot spa and relax. Speaking of the chinese foot spa…wow. One of the best massages I’ve had despite the fact it was only $25 for an hour. An incredible deal if you ask me. The chinese don’t mess around with their massages. They were finding muscles I didn’t even know existed. Also, I have a theory that since there are so many people in China, the chinese have different concept of “personal space.” They weren’t shy when massaging my back (including my butt) and pulling up my bra to get all the spots on my back. Normally I would be really weirded out by this but you can tell this is just their method. I once got a massage by this guy who flirted with me before and after the massage and I was uncomfortable the whole time.  I’ve since always requested a female masseuse for those sporadic occasions when I’ve sprung for a massage. Anyway, the Crystal Palace in Newbury Park I highly recommend. haha.

Finally, my baby Georgiana is going to be a year old in two days and I super sad. But I’m happy too because she’s just so darn cute and is doing all sorts of cool things. She’s got a tooth garden in full bloom and is walking all over the place. I’m not quite sure at what point she transitioned from a baby to this little pre-toddler but it happened fast. We love her and just can’t get enough. Hope y’all had a great holiday and remember to hug your loved ones a little tighter at this time of year! xoxo

4 thoughts on “Post Thanksgiving Rant & Recipe

  1. Well, thank goodness you enjoy eating otherwise there wouldn’t be this great site with fabulous recipes! Have you seen Hillary Duff’s pics in the media lately? She has struggled losing post baby weight for a while.. The photo caught her leaving a Pilates class and she’s looking great.

  2. Love you Anna! I adore you and your blog! It always puts a smile on my face when I see a new recipe. I think we all have those moments. You look fantastic and its ok to indulge. How else are recipes tested and born! Happy Cooking!!

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