1 Year of Motherhood

Today is my precious baby’s 1st birthday. She was born at 7:47 on November 28th 2011. What a crazy fantastical experience it was and has been ever since. This year I’ve reflected a lot on my own mother and what an amazing person she is. My mom was there for Georgiana’s birth  which is fitting because she’s been there for every important (and unimportant) event of my life. And now she’s being there for the events of my daughters life including her entrance into the world. To have a good, strong and selfless mother is a gift that I think I can never fully realize. My mother has sacrificed for me on so many occasions that I’ve lost count. And now that I’m a mother I realize that not only am I lucky to have been raised by my mom but so is Georgiana. I’ve had a premium example of how to be a mom and she’ll benefit from what I was learning all those years and didn’t realize. In every action that my mom took to improve my life I’ve learned what it takes to raise a successful family by her example. I’m humbled by the very high bar that she has set but I’m excited about my journey as a mother because I have her to help me along the way.

This last year has been the best year of my life. To have Georgiana in the world is a way bigger gift than I could have ever comprehended. I really had no idea what a true pleasure it is to be a mom. Every morning when I go into get Georgiana from her crib its like christmas. She has the most infectious smile and laugh and to be with her is like life being complete. Michael and I are so totally in love we had no idea what to do with ourselves. Of course we’ve had our moments of hectic craziness but in reality its been WAY more precious moments than stressful ones. I’m just grateful for this beautiful life that I have with my handsome husband, precious baby and and amazing family. God is good!

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