Busy. Why?

Why are we all so busy? What is it about this ongoing never ending busy-ness that makes us feel so all important? I mean really. We are constantly bragging to each other how busy we are. “OMG I’m sooo busy! You wouldn’t believe what I did yesterday…blah blah blah.” Would it be weird for someone to brag about being really un-busy time “I’m soooooo freed up these days, I simple have nothing to do.” Also, why is it there is not good opposite word for busy? When I looked it up all I found was, “Empty. Free. Idle.” I’m not sure if that those words really describe being un-busy. I mean, if you aren’t busy that doesn’t have to mean your life is empty does it? Or idle? Free might be a good word but doesn’t truly describe the opposite of being busy. I envision the un-busy as those that can while away the hours doing perfectly acceptable tasks such as reading Jane Austen or eating chocolate. Going on walks or having lunch with a friend are all good things that don’t make you necessarily idle or empty. But busy we all are and busy we will stay. Whenever I get a little free time I feel the need to fill it with a new goal, idea or scheme. I’m constantly scheming. My husband is now use to my schemes and very supportive of them knowing full well that they won’t come to fruition. Really, why should he try to argue why my high end christmas tree decorating business idea isn’t so great. And I would say that human nature has always been obsessed with being busy. If we weren’t inventing the wheel we were mastering fire. If we weren’t building bridges we needed to start a war.  So where does this busy-ness stem from in our psyche? Why are we the only ones in the animal kingdom that care about so called progress? There is something in us…a fire, nay, desire to keep growing, learning and achieving. We are ever searching for answers and trying grasp at meaning. The lions couldn’t care less. I watched that depressing nature movie, “The Last Lions” where the mom lion see’s that her cub has a broken back and abandons him. She knows he can’t be helped and trying to hang around him will just lead to her demise as well. I hated that movie. I hated the mom lion for being so pragmatic and seemingly matter a fact about letting her cub be torn apart by the wicked hyena’s. And yet she was right. Maybe she didn’t have a heart but she was right to leave him. What use was she dead as well? But if I were in that situation as a human I’d want to die trying to protect my baby rather then the alternative. So busy-ness and progress is noble. We want things to be better. But every solution we find creates another problem. Cars produce transportation AND pollution. Smart phones produce quick communication on multiple platforms so you never have a moment alone. Don’t get me wrong, I love my current life of busy-ness because it affords me a lot of things such as meaning, purpose and self esteem. I have places to go and people to see, babies to raise and a family to feed. (that rhymed. I’m reading too much Dr. Suess evidently). But at the core of it all I have to ask, “Why?” And now is the time that I depart from the known and venture to the somewhat unknown. I believe its because of a greater plan to refine the spirit that resides in my body for a future eternal purpose that is mostly unknown to me. And there you have it. That’s why I believe we all care about being busy. Because if there wasn’t a reason to progress – we wouldn’t. Think about it.

2 thoughts on “Busy. Why?

  1. My neighbor recently mounted a new t.v on their living room wall. This allowed them to get rid of their old and significantly larger t.v. as well as the entertainment center around it which dramatically opened up their living room and created more space. Within 2 weeks they had already found new furniture with which to fill that space. I think it is human nature to fill voids be they in your home or your schedule. What’s important is how you use your time when you are busy and how you pass it when you’re not. .

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