“Talking with my Mouth Full” by Gail Simmons (book review)

Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 10.04.18 AM

I am sort of a die hard Top Chef fan and so reading Gail Simmon’s book, “Talking With My Mouth Full” was a true delight. Was it the culinary genius book of our age? No. But it was fun to get a few extra looks into how Gail got her job at Food & Wine Magazine and then subsequently on Top Chef and all the in-betweens. One thing I really enjoyed learning about Gail is that she went to culinary school not to become a chef but to get experience so she would be  more equipped to work in the food world in general. I want SO badly to go through culinary school myself. I got through one semester at Santa Barbara School of Culinary Arts before I got pregnant. I was actually pregnant mid-semester so it was brutally hard to sit through lectures on cuts of meats and discussions about things like “offal.” I would actually have to leave mid class often to go puke so it wasn’t pretty. The program gets especially intense third semester when they make you work daily in the school cafeteria for free. Its pretty much slave labor so I’ll have to go through the program later in life when my kids are at least in school themselves. Anyway, I digress. Back to Gail…

The book had a few little hiccups that took me out of my relish in reading it. First of all she mentioned her boobs way too much. Its fine to note that you have large boobs once but she kept bring up the topic unnecessarily. Also, she showed a diagram of a tongue map highlighting the areas where supposedly you taste sweet, salty and umami flavors etc. As far as I know this theory of the tongue tasting different things in different places has been disproven. So that took me out of the book  since it seemed common knowledge that the tongue map is questionable.

Overall, I had fun reading the book and also meeting Gail Simmons at the USC Book Fair where I picked up my copy. I got the book autographed and a taken photo with her (not shown because I look WAAAY to fat since I had just had the baby. haha) The book is a perfect read for that lazy Sunday afternoon when its time to relax and just have some fun. Enjoy!

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