Georgiana’s 1st Birthday Party!

birthday cake

My darling precious baby girl turned one and we of course had to throw a big party. I, being a victim of pinterest, decided that the only thing to do was to totally kill myself and do all homemade food AND a three tiered fancy cake (see menu below). It wasn’t such a great idea on my part but it all turned out great. A special thanks to my Mom for helping me haul everything to the party location and to my friend Gina who generously hosted it at her house. Georgiana really enjoyed her party (although she was of course oblivious that it was HER party). When the kids arrived they promptly dressed Georgiana in a hawaiian lei and a crown which was pretty hilarious. I mostly ran around doing everything from BBQing outside in the rain to making sure all the girls got a tutu favor that my friend Jen spent 4 hours tying together. It was a whirlwind and now I have to decide whether next year I’ll make all the food OR do the homemade fancy cake. (I just can’t do both…) I’d love you to cast a vote… (maybe one option will be doing no party except for a family get together in which case my Mom will do all the work. Yep, that sounds good!) Happy Birthday Georgiana! I can’t believe you are already one year old…. 😉 😦

birthday girl birthday cake table mason jar glasses with pink swirly straws pink candy watermelons party favor tutu party favor gold crowns birthday girl in crown birthday girl tutu dress family photo booth picture blowing out candles baby eating cake



Crudite Platter with Dip

Salt & Pepper Potato Chips

Main Course:

Grilled Sausages

BBQ Pulled Pork on Brioche Rolls

Potato Salad

California Asian Pasta Salad

Green Salad with Mandarin Oranges, Red Peppers and Pistachios

Corn, Bacon & Jalapeño Salad

Baked Beans


3 Tiered Homemade Yellow Cake with Homemade Buttercream Frosting

Vanilla Ice Cream

Pink Candies

8 thoughts on “Georgiana’s 1st Birthday Party!

  1. She is such a darling! I make Eliza’s cake every year. I figure there will be some years that she will want pizza or a bowling party, etc. So the food will have to be catered. But the cake is always something she and I plan and then make together. My grandma made each grandkid a homemade cake of their choice for their birthday, so I kinda feel like I’m continuing the tradition. I have a sister in law who religiously buys cake every year. She says she can’t decorate it the way she’d want and she orders the most amazing cakes.

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