Oscar Night!


Every year we have a little Oscar party with our family friends the Wrights. Brigitte & James and have three boys, one of which has flown the coop and is in college now. So this year it was just their twin boys Jace & Eli, us and our little Georgiana. We decided to do an Indian themed menu based off of the movie “Life of Pi.” It turned out great! Since I have recently been doing a “Skinny Jeans Challenge” at the gym (basically a boot camp), my meals of late have been a little more restricted. But fortunately every week I get a “free day” where I can be the pig that I am. j/k! 😉 Anyway, we had SO much food and the entertainment and company was amazing too. Here is what we had:


Samosas with Chutney

Salt & Pepper Potato Chips with Caramelized Onion Dip


Coconut Chicken Curry with Potatoes

Tandoori Beef Skewers

Veggie Kabobs


Naan with Raita


Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate Rollo Cookies

Chocolate Oscars Awards

The only really important thing from the night is that Daniel Day Lewis won for his unbelievable roll in “Lincoln.” And of course that “Life of Pi” took a bunch of awards including best direction, production design, visual effects and original score. (A-MAZING movie!)  So now let’s get down to the nitty gritty….


Jennifer Lawrence looked amazing in her Dior gown and it doesn’t even matter that she tripped on the way up to receive her Oscar because we got to view the back for that much longer. I think I’m partial to this dress because it looks like a wedding gown and if I had my way I’d just wear a wedding dress daily… 😉


Charlize Theron is so freaking beautiful. My only thing is why do the pixie cut? She looks amazing in it but she is such a glamorous woman that keeping her hair that short just takes it down a notch. I heard that she had to cut it for a role but then decided to keep it short rather than growing it out. Oh well, whatever. Your gorgeous no matter what you do…


Anne you’re beautiful. What’s with the pointy boobs? I love your jewels though. Incredible job in “Les Miserables” and congrats on your Oscar. 😉


Amy Adams gray ruffly dress I looove. A couture looking wedding-esque gown is home run in my book. Of course I HATED “The Master” so I’m secretly happy she didn’t win but also secretly sad she hasn’t won anything after 4 nominations. Oh well. Amy, you’re  young and it will happen sooner or later. Keep up the good work (in acting and fashion that is….)

And finally onto the men. They all wore black tuxes except Samuel Jackson who had on a red eye sore from the front row. And that about sums it up…

I thought the Oscar’s host (whats his name? 😉 did a great job overall but did have a few doosies. The boob song WAS hilarious though… And of course Michelle Obama… What a surprise… Not sure what her career in politics has to do with being asked (did she ask or tell?) to read the Best Picture winner. Oh wait, she’s in politics I forgot.  But Michelle does do a great job of being the face of the president. I use to go to lots of industry mixers without my husband  back in the day too so I know how it is. 😉 And of course I had to cry while the “Les Miserable” cast sang their compilation number. I grew up listening to the soundtrack of “Les Miserable” on every major family car trip so its really sentimental for me and I’m also a musical theatre nerd….

Overall, we had a fabulous night with great entertainment, company and of course food. Is Oscar night better than Christmas??

2 thoughts on “Oscar Night!

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! We had a party over here as well, although I will have to say the menu wasn’t quite as elaborate (but it did include some tasty flautas and pretzel s’mores). Overall, I was pretty happy with the results of the Oscars. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree though – I thought The Master was incredible.

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