Inside Slippers/Outside Slippers. Thoughts about my husband…

My husband has two sets of slippers. One for the inside of the house and one for the outside. This, in my opinion, is a very telling detail about the  person I’m married to. Having two sets of slippers for two seemingly separate purposes makes perfect sense to him. However, I’d wager that there are many husbands in which this attention to detail would never occur. Michael sees things on a microscopic level while I see things on the “big picture” level. Michael likes to organize his things while I like to organize my time. Michael would rather run late to an event with a perfectly tied tie and I’d rather be on time and quickly put make up on in the car. Michael tends to spend hours editing one photograph while I take the same amount of time editing thousands of photographs. Granted, his one photograph looks infinitely better than my thousand but since we deliver thousands of images to our clients we sorta need to get it done.  Michael takes 3 times as long in the shower than anyone I have ever met. One time I showed him my shower routine so he could believe that I actually get clean in the limited time I spend in there. He was surprised. When we got married, Michael not only read all the instruction manuals to our new kitchen appliances but gave me a tutorial on how to use them effectively. Michael owns socks that notate which side of the foot you should put them on with a “L” and “R” symbol. My socks are threadbare and have holes in them.  Is one of us more correct in our choices than the other? No. We complement each other. We also drive each other crazy half the time too. Michael can’t seem to figure out why I leave stuff around the house when I’m trying to watch the baby, cook, take a client phone call and edit a wedding. I can’t understand why he takes so long to get anything done as he’s fastidiously windexing our glass desk before starting in on projects. But because we have each other we actually have it all. We have a neat and tidy house (most of the time) and an operating business (most of the time). We make up for each others failures and add value to each others lives. Basically, my life would suck without him. That doesn’t mean he’s perfect and nor am I. But we got married not only because we loved each other but because we were excited about what the other had to offer. And guess what? Despite Michael’s sometimes OCD tendencies (smile) I’m still excited. Love you darling….

7 thoughts on “Inside Slippers/Outside Slippers. Thoughts about my husband…

  1. Every German has at least two pairs of slippers. You can’t wear Hausschuhen (house shoes) outside! They also keep extra pairs of house shoes for guests. I’m convinced that Michael would feel so at home in Germany!

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