Plow and Angel at San Ysidro Ranch (Santa Barbara Restaurant Review)


San Ysidro Ranch is the secret hideaway of all secret hideaway’s. Gaining notoriety for housing the Kennedy’s on their honeymoon (yes, THOSE Kennedy’s) it has the reputation of luxurious seclusion. Fortunately you don’t have to stay there to enjoy their beautiful indoor/outdoor restaurant, Plow and Angel.  Although Michael and I don’t frequent this sort of restaurant on a nightly basis we felt we could splurge for our anniversary. As we drove up to the entrance the path was illuminated by lit olive trees with a carpet of lavender underneath. The night air was crisp with hints of the nearby ocean mixed with the misty mountain fog as we walked through the rose arches that lead the way to the restaurant. The outdoor dining area was situated under a canopy of tree’s with hanging chandeliers made out of dried gourds.  The mood was a quiet bustle that was relax but still had a note of austerity as if only a certain type of person would know to eat at Plow and Angel. Not the most comfortable type of setting for me but I played it off as if I was suppose to be there as best I could. We skipped an appetizer and ordered our main course first with anticipation of having enough room for dessert. I chose the Roasted Shelton Farms Half Chicken and Michael decided on the Short Rib special. (Surprise surprise! Short ribs are his go to choice). Both were delicious and expertly made. We also had a side of brussel sprouts which were a disappointment seeing as I have an affinity for my own recipe. But alas, all was not lost when our Baked Alaska arrived and was immediately set on fire. Dinner and a show! We feasted upon this delectable treat with gusto and even took the half melted remains home in order to attempt an encore later on. (sans fire) All in all its hard to beat Plow in Angel due to its high level of ambiance, charm and of course good food.

plow_angel_braised_short_rib roasted_brussel_sprouts plow_angel_inside_decor plow_angel_lavender_decor plow_angel_bar alaska_meringue_bomb alaska_meringue_fire dessert_on_fire alaska_meringue_bite

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