So I got a facial…and Michael did too ;)

A few days ago Michael and I both got facials from the amazing Diana Lund at Peaches Skin Care in Santa Barbara. Michael had been bugging me to make an appointment for us (which I never did) and so he finally called and after much back and forth with the front desk we got in. Michael was first to go while I was with the baby and then we switched. The facial was suppose to be an hour and a half. An hour and a half goes by and no Michael. An hour and forty five minutes goes by. Still no Michael. Finally after two hours he arrives glowing and excited about his experience. I just KNOW that he’s been up to something and can’t wait to hear Diana tell me how it went. You see, Michael is unlike any other man I’ve ever met. He’s intense. He’s interesting. He’s detail oriented. So I could only imagine how his facial must have gone. When I arrive Diana apologized for taking so long and mentioned that Michael had, “a lot of questions!” As we delved into the facial she was very curious about Michael as he evidently was asking such in depth questions that she had to pause and think about how to answer them. She told me she had never had another client (male or female) ask her as much as he did. She gave him a recommended face cleaning routine to do in the morning and at night. Evidently he told her he really wasn’t going to do the night time routine as he knew himself and didn’t want to set himself up for failure. She was speechless. Evidently no one had ever flat our refused to do her recommended cleansing system. Ironically, each night Michael does a thorough detailing on his teeth which includes flossing, brushing with his mechanical tooth brush and mouth wash… My facial on the other hand was the exact opposite of Michael’s in that we mostly chatted about life, babies and Michael’s interesting personality traits. By the end she apologized once again that she wasn’t as thorough explaining the process to me as she was to Michael. Of course, I could have cared less as I was pretty sure she knew what she was doing and had no problem executing the recommending cleansing system. When I got home Michael inspected my face and promptly told me I looked two years younger. Oh my wonderful husband. He has a way of driving me crazy with his little intense spurts and then very soon thereafter makes up for it by being something that no one else can be. Him. At the end of the day I’d rather have a husband that notices that I got a facial and comments that I look two years younger than one that would never notice at all.  Michael your my BFF….

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