How to Chop or Dice an Onion (Video)

I can’t even tell you how long I chopped onions incorrectly. Over the years I figured out a few things little by little but it wasn’t until I saw Gail Simmons live at the USC bookfaire last year that I realized I STILL wasn’t doing it exactly right. Here is a video tutorial on how to correctly chop an onion.

Sorry the video is from so far away. I’m just getting use to this whole thing. I’ll be more close up in my next attempt….

3 thoughts on “How to Chop or Dice an Onion (Video)

  1. Hey thats awesome! Thanks for showing us how to do that. It seems way more effective, since I have to cut the onion cuz it makes Bethany teary eyed

    • Well the trick with not getting teary eyed is to try not to breath too much while chopping the onion. I know that sounds weird but if you don’t inhale the onion fumes them it will help! haha

  2. Oddly enough, I just today saw a cooking show with Martin Yan where he demonstrated this exact method! I have been doing something similar, but the key I had been missing was to slice the onion from stem to stem instead of in half through the wide middle. Leaving one stem end on enables you to hold the thing together while dicing – SO much easier! Good tip!

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