Working out. 50’s Style. (and I don’t mean the time period…)


So I take this dance fitness class Monday-Wednesday. Its a class that incorporates dance moves that gets your heart rate up and burns calories. I use to dance a lot when I was younger (jazz, ballet, tap and ballroom etc) and have been looking for an adult class where I not only get a work out but have some fun while I’m at it. The only problem is that dance studios really cater to the little ones ages 2-18. Many offer the odd adult class which is usually poorly attended and not that serious and usually doesn’t get up a sweat. Gym’s offer classes but they aren’t serious or technical enough for me. I get bored easily. Finally after searching high and low I found this dance class that is at 9 am which is just when Gigi goes down for her nap and Michael is home to watch her. The class is great. The teacher has taken a lot of interest in me and I felt like I am getting some nice attention. The only problem is that I’m the youngest one in the class. By a lot. The average age is probably 50-60. There’s lots of talk of, “growing old isn’t for sissy’s” and all the ladies wear makeup while working out….On the flip side they are all so nice! They are always coming up to me and exclaiming on how quickly I’m picking up the moves and are super friendly. I’m happy with the class but in a way its like seeing into my future. And that sort of depresses me. Will this be me in 20 years still doing the Cha Cha with these ladies who will be 70 by then? I feel like I’m in the wrong place and intruding on my future. Its like my soul is saying, “Wait! Don’t jump the gun. Your not ready for this yet!”  And just for the record I don’t think that 50 is particularly old – its just that its like working out with my Mom’s friends. Definitely a generation gap (or two).  I love dancing so much and hope that one day I’ll find the exact right fit for me. Until then, I guess I’ll be sweatin’ to the oldies… 😉

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