Quitting Diet Coke. Update

So, as many of you know…I quit diet coke. After an “on again off again” relationship for over a decade I decided to quit. What was the final straw? Well, to be honest it came from a bartender. Go figure. I was photographing a wedding at the Montecito Country Club and asked for a glass of water. My assistant was chewing gum and the bartender noticed it and started on a rant about the aspartame that was in her gum. (To be honest I was relieved I ask for water since I usually ask for diet coke. Phew!) Evidently there is only one brand of gum that uses real sugar nowadays and the rest are sugar free and full of artificial sweeteners. He went on to say that aspartame is a mixture of ecoli and toxic waste that causes diabetes, makes you fat and myriad of other problems. This guy was pretty weird and I found it ironic that he was so passionate about this subject as he freely supplied all the wedding goers with liver killing booze. Anyway, after his long and bizarre rant it got me thinking. Is a 2 liter bottle diet coke a day (yes that’s what I was drinking) really worth it? What if everything he said turned out to be true. One of my friends was recommended by her doctor to drink diet soda during pregnancy because she had gestational diabetes and couldn’t eat real sugar. I didn’t drink diet soda AT ALL during pregnancy because my  brother had heard on good authority in one of his UCLA science classes that it could cause birth defects.  Yet doctors out there are prescribing it to pregnant women and I would assume they’ve heard the theories. Or have they? Well, let’s just say for arguments case that diet coke is totally fine and therefore my diet coke drinking Grandpa’s lived into their 90’s with no problems. The hard truth is that drinking diet coke did absolutely make me crave sweets and cause me to eat more. It did. And even though I’ve been counting calories for over a year now and have been losing weight slowly but surely, I don’t think drinking diet coke was making the process any faster. Actually, it wasn’t. I’ve been off the stuff for two weeks and am definitely losing weight more quickly than I was. My husband keeps exclaiming, “You look so skinny!” all the time. It feels good. And he deserves some of the credit as he shared the brunt of it by enduring my clawing at the ceiling moments. I’m sure he wanted to hook me up to a diet coke IV there a few times when I was especially “delightful” to deal with. So the end of the story is that diet coke MAY cause health problems but it most certainly DOES make it hard to lose weight. Done.

In conclusion, I still miss the idea of diet coke. I miss a refreshing bubbly drink that is calorie free and “guilt free” too. I miss a little caffeine boost when I need it and just a little reward for any reason I come up with. But my pants feeling loose and my face is emerging from the fat which is nice too. I think of the line,  “There you are Peter!” from the movie “Hook” every time I see myself in the mirror.  Like I mentioned in my previous post I’ll still drink soda, just not diet. The other night I  really needed to relax and got a mexican coke and a candy bar from the corner store to take the edge off . I said to my husband, “Is it a good thing or a bad thing that this is as wild as I get?” Seriously boring. But sometimes its good to not make life TOO exciting either if you know what I mean.

5 thoughts on “Quitting Diet Coke. Update

  1. “Oh, there you are Peter!” HAHAHA! That was hilarious to me. I don’t drink soda at all because it makes me feel icky. (Well, occasionally I have a sip or two when Dan has some and I’m feeling sick or need a quick pick me up.) I have so many other problems though. Congrats on getting out of your diet coke addiction.

  2. Drink seltzer water or club soda if you like the bubbles and fizz instead! Get the flavored seltzer that is without artificial sweeteners though. Polar makes good flavored selyzers. Grapefruit is a favorite.
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  3. I had the same relationship with regular Coke that you are ending with Diet Coke. I’ve only had 2 Cokes since July of 2010 and both of those were consumed out of guilt for someone having bought them for me. I realized that I was truly addicted when I went 1 week without drinking Coke and spent the whole 7 days with a pounding headache, as I was detoxing from caffeine, and couldn’t drive by a 7-11 (of which we have 6 here in Simi Valley) without wanting to stop in for a Big-Gulp. 3 years later I don’t miss it a bit and feel soooo much better living without the caffeine and sugar. Mad props to you girl stick to it!

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