My Brother-in-Law’s “Man Date” that made it on the Radio

To try to even describe how fitting it is for my goofy, talented, energetic and charismatic brother-in-law to end up being the topic of a radio show is beyond my capabilities. Hank is a man all his own. I feel bad for anyone who hasn’t met him because its an experience that one could never recreate in life.  Hank is a rare character whose personality  rivals that of Mrs Doubtfire and Harry Carey. Hank was the host of a kids show called, “Imagine Island” which gives you an idea of his exuberance…(see photo below)

So when he happened to become the topic of conversation on the radio it was of no surprise to me whatsoever.  Hank is currently working at Cheesecake Factory as he is finishes his credentials to teach theatre. Evidently one night he was the server for a radio host named Gavin who also has similar interests and they  hit it off so much that they planned a “man date.” The whole thing was talked about on the radio and its pretty HILARIOUS. Even if you don’t know Hank personally this whole scenario is hysterical due to the topics it brought up such as: 1. What do you wear on a man-date? 2. Who pays? 3. Should I sit next to another dude in a theatre if I’m not gay? etc. Listen and enjoy!

This first clip is about their first “meeting” and the planning of their date:

Planning a Date with Hank

This clip is the “after-story” of their date:

How the Date with Hank Went

Hank + Gavin Forever.


(this is Gavin BTW…)


(Hank in the “Imagine Island” poster)

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