Pink, Blush & Ivory Rose Ombre Cake


Okay okay, I know that ombre is the big thing right now but I really couldn’t resist. I mean, how delightful is cake with pink, blush and ivory roses piped on the outside? So sweetly romantic and darn easy too. All you need (besides the obvious) is a large icing star tip, and icing bag (see my video on how fill an icing bag mess free!) and some food coloring. The trick with the icing is to make the consistency firm enough that the icing keeps its shape but not so firm that you can’t get it out. (So with your basic buttercream icing recipe, keep milk and powdered sugar on hand for firming or loosening the icing). And the trick with food color is to use ONE DROP at a time until you get the desired color. More than one or two drops of red food coloring in white icing can create a barbie pink VERY quickly. (I like slightly more subtle colors myself). Below are few more specifics on how to get started. Enjoy!


Things you Need:

Baked Round Cakes filled with either buttercream or a filling of your choice. (The size and amount of layers is up to you. I use the Better Homes & Garden’s Yellow Cake Recipe myself…)

Buttercream Frosting (I always refer to Savory Sweet Life’s Recipe. This won’t be enough so make more than you think you need for the size cake!)

Red Food Color

Large Star Icing Tip (and a small one as well to fill in gaps)

Icing Bags

Saran Wrap


Divide your frosting into three parts and color with food coloring until you’ve reached your desired look. (Make SURE before you color the frosting that you have enough! Its almost impossible to get the color exactly the same if you run out….)  Cut the end off your icing bag and put in your large star tip until bag is tight around the edges of the tip. Make sure that no icing can get out. Take a large piece of saran wrap and lay it flat on the counter.  Spoon in as much frostings (from the color you want to use for the top) as will fit while leaving enough room to wrap up like a sausage. Wrap saran wrap around the frosting and twist the ends until tight. Cut off one end of the saran wrap and put the cut end into the icing bag first (so the icing can get out and through the star tip). Twist the top of the icing bag until there is enough tension to pip the icing out.

With a circular motion make a rose in the very center of the cake. Continue making roses evenly until you reach the point where you want to switch to the next color. Continue with the next color and switch again when necessary.

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