Bacon Wrapped Figs

I was meandering through my local farmers market when I stopped to see these beautiful figs on display. After taking a gander for a second I thought that I should buy them and attempt bacon wrapped figs for a movie night we were hosting. It did not disappoint! The boys at movie night were oohing and aahing and gobbling them up like there’s no tomorrow.  There is almost nothing I love more than making food for guys. Women are so polite and always make a nice comment no matter what. But men are normally clueless about doling out food compliments unless something hits their tastebuds with such force that they can’t help sputtering out a, “This is amazing!” So if you are like me and cook mostly to gain compliments then definitely try this recipe. 😉

Bacon Wrapped Fig Recipe:

10 small figs cut in half

20 strips bacon

agave nectar for drizzling


Take a fig and wrap a strip of bacon around until all surfaces are covered. Set aside and repeat. In a skillet heated to medium high temperature cook bacon wrapped figs on all sides until done.  Arrange on a platter and drizzle lightly with agave nectar. Prick each with a toothpick and serve. Enjoy!

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