Princess Party Extravaganza


I wish I could take credit for all these amazing princess party ideas but alas I cannot. My friend Jill Green who writes the blog Homemade by Jill  is responsible for all this cuteness.  Her daughter Ruby (above) was the reigning princess and everything from the handmade princess dress to the fondant princess castle literally took the cake. I just took the pictures. Also, I couldn’t help but put in a few of my little Georgiana so sorry for her photo bombing through out this post. Enjoy!

princess_blowing_out_candles admiring_princess_cake princess_party_cake beautiful_toddler_princess princess_cake princess_party_mom

(Above: Jill, the hostess with the mostest)

princess_party_pinata snow_white_princess_party

(Yes, that is me above pretending to be Snow White…I look better as a blonde…)

crown_shaped_peanut_butter_sandwiches crown_shaped_cheeses pin_the_crown_on_the_princess paper_castles decorated_playhouse pink_white_chocolate_popcorn princess_crown_cookies_favors paper_princess_crown princess_party_guest_toddlerprincess_party_favors


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Featured on the Fox New Magazine Website!

I am very excited and honored to be included in the article, “9 Brussels Sprouts Recipes to Make Anyone a Believer” on the Fox News Magazine website. Check it out!


Santa Barbara Coral Casino


A little hidden gem in  Santa Barbara is the Four Season’s Coral Casino. Its basically a private club across from the Four Seasons that does spectacular events right on the ocean front. Here’s little window into the Coral Casino’s epic entertaining spot.


passed_appetizers_coral_casino appetizers_coral_casino outdoor_cocktail_coral_casino sunset_view_coral_casino raw_oyster_bar raw_bar_coral_casino

white_fish mushroom_risotto steak_asparagus

Easy Green Chicken Enchiladas


Lets face it. Most days we just need to get dinner on the table and quick. And it would be nice if it was tasty too. Despite the fact that we have all these pinterest boards full of exotic recipe ideas sometimes we just need a easy dinner so we can collapse on the couch next to our spouse, eat dinner and wile away an hour or two watching a movie. This recipe fits the bill perfectly for those days. I verbally told a wedding planner friend of mine this recipe once and she totally made it from memory. I did the same thing with my brother-in-law (evidently my sister decided she wasn’t going to make dinner that week) and he made it in a snap. That’s how easy it is. And its the type of recipe that you can stock up on the ingredients so you have it in case you are a day or two late getting to the grocery store and need to throw something together. Hope you enjoy this as much as my husband. He claims this is his favorite enchilada recipe even though some of my other ones are fancier and more time consuming. Go figure….

Easy Green Chicken Enchiladas Recipe:


1/2 a large bag of frozen chicken

2 large 28 oz cans of green enchilada sauce

20-30 corn tortillas

2 bags of shredded monterrey jack cheese


Preheat oven to 375 degrees

Put the frozen chicken in a crockpot set to low. Pour  enchilada sauce over the chicken until just covered. Reserve the remaining sauce for later. Cook chicken for 6-8 hours until the chicken pulls apart easily when shredded with two forks. (Its good to do this first thing in the morning so its all ready by the time you want to assemble for dinner). Shred all the chicken and set aside.

Grill the tortillas on each side in a  pan set to medium hight heat. Set aside when done. (This allows for the tortillas to be more flexible and not split apart when rolling).

Take one tortilla and dip in enchilada sauce. Fill with a spoonful of chicken and sprinkle a little cheese and roll. Place in a baking pan. Repeat until all the tortillas are gone. Pour remaining enchilada sauce on top making sure each tortilla is fully covered in sauce. Sprinkle the remaining cheese on top.

Bake for 15 minutes on 375 degree’s until cheese is melted and slightly browning on the sides. Serve and enjoy!