Princess Party Extravaganza


I wish I could take credit for all these amazing princess party ideas but alas I cannot. My friend Jill Green who writes the blog Homemade by Jill  is responsible for all this cuteness.  Her daughter Ruby (above) was the reigning princess and everything from the handmade princess dress to the fondant princess castle literally took the cake. I just took the pictures. Also, I couldn’t help but put in a few of my little Georgiana so sorry for her photo bombing through out this post. Enjoy!

princess_blowing_out_candles admiring_princess_cake princess_party_cake beautiful_toddler_princess princess_cake princess_party_mom

(Above: Jill, the hostess with the mostest)

princess_party_pinata snow_white_princess_party

(Yes, that is me above pretending to be Snow White…I look better as a blonde…)

crown_shaped_peanut_butter_sandwiches crown_shaped_cheeses pin_the_crown_on_the_princess paper_castles decorated_playhouse pink_white_chocolate_popcorn princess_crown_cookies_favors paper_princess_crown princess_party_guest_toddlerprincess_party_favors

5 thoughts on “Princess Party Extravaganza

  1. Um, I think you look awesome as a brunette too! You totally pull off Snow White! Didn’t you play Snow White once in a play too? You should be used to this look by now. And Oh my goodness Jill!! I’m sad I don’t live by that girl so I could hire her for my kid’s parties!

  2. You take the most beautiful photos! And you were the perfect Snow White. It totally made the party. My kids still talk about it! 🙂 Thanks for helping with the party and for sharing your photography talent.

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