Decorating Ideas for Decorating Football Helmet Cookies (Video)

Well, Christmas has passed and New Years is just a few days away…but what is still happening? Football! Lots and lots of football. So I’m posting tips on decorating helmet cut out cookies for those sports fans out there. Its a great time to practice since the Super Bowl isn’t too far away. Enjoy!

Our House. At Sunset.


We get really beautiful sunsets in Santa Barbara. They are the type that you just can’t be inside while its happening. You have to go outside and stare. This one time I took my camera and here is the result. This is one (of many) great thing about Santa Barbara. There are sunsets year round and just when you think it can’t get any more beautiful it does. Also, we love our house. Its admittedly very small. I like to tell people its a “cottage” because its more flattering way of saying we live in a teeny tiny house. But we also live  downtown which is a bit pricey and we are happy to sacrifice on space to be surrounded by the excitement and wonder that is to behold. I’ve been thinking that I need to be taking more pictures of my neighborhood so I can document all the little fun things I see everyday. (Mostly on our way too and from the park). I’ll work on that and get back to you…


The Holidays are Here!


Just wanted to post a little holiday teaser table setting to inspire us for our holiday gatherings and get togethers. Happy Holidays!

table design: kelly oshiro (

photography: yours truly!

Grocery Shopping Tips

Do you find yourself at the store wandering around aimlessly trying to figure out what to buy and cook? Do you throw away vegetables and meats on a regular basis because you forgot they were in the fridge? Do you often forget something and have to go back to the store later to pick it up? Well, fear not. Below is a foolproof way to save money, time and energy by following a few simple rules before grocery shopping. Try it out once and you’ll never go back. Enjoy!

1. Have a small magnetic white board on your fridge so that you can write down things you need right when you remember them. There’s nothing more annoying then going back to the store to get that bag of sugar that you didn’t remember ran out last month.


2. Look through your fridge before you go shopping to see what food you still have that you should remember to incorporate in next weeks meals. Also, take a peek in your pantry to see if you are running low on staples (onions, garlic etc) and also what dry good you should try to use up.

2. Write a shopping list. I write on the top of the paper what I’m making for dinner for the week  and then the list of ingredients I need to buy below. If you want to get super organized, make three columns under your dinner ideas. In your mind divide up your grocery store into three parts (left, middle, right) and as you are writing your list write your grocery items in the appropriate column. This will actually save you a good amount of time while shopping so you aren’t running all over the store. Try it once and you’ll see…. After I’m done shopping I tuck that paper under my magnetic white board with the menu peaking out of the top to remind me what meals I planned on for the week.


3. Start on the side of the store that has more bulky/sturdy items like bottled water. End up on the side of the store that has the fruits and vegetables so you don’t end up crushing your produce

4.  Put away items away in their respective categories. When you get home,  take out all the grocery’s out and put them on the counter.  Then put away the frozen goods first, then meats, dairy, vegetables and finally whatever isn’t refrigerated.

5. Write on your white board the expiration date for meat and a list of veggies in the crisper. Its good to section off a little space to write what meats you have in the fridge and their expiration date. That will help avoid having to throw expensive meat away because you forgot its expiration date. Also, write a list of the vegetables in your crisper so you can make sure to use those up before they go bad.

Hope this was helpful and will make grocery shopping a little less hectic and bit more fun. 😉

Cookie Exchange Party Decorating Tips (Video)

Its cookie exchange season!  I thought I’d post a video I made that is on on how to decorate sugar cookies using different icing tips. Enjoy!