Grilled Skirt Steak with Avocado, Cilantro and Grilled Green Onions


This recipe is California Comfort Food to the “T”. Its succulent, delicious and has that fresh element that makes your body want to do backflips and take a jog on the beach. It also has that Latino flare which is oh so authentico de los Mexicanos esta en California. I love it! The other great thing is that its actually really easy which is always helpful. Since its pretty much an endless summer here grilling on the barbecue isn’t relegated for just June through September. I love grilling so much that I’ll fire up my Charbroil just to cook one turkey patty for myself for lunch in January. But if barbecuing is out of the question for you at the moment feel free to remember (or pinterest!) this for future use. Enjoy!

Marinated Skirt Steak with Grilled Green Onions, Avocado & Cilantro


1-2 lbs Skirt Steak

6 Green Onions

1 Avocado sliced

Fresh Cilantro to garnish

Marinade (recipe to follow)


In a large plastic freezer bag combine skirt steak and marinade. Marinate for at least an hour or overnight.

Heat your outdoor grill to medium high heat and place steak on the grill and cook until medium to medium rare.  Green onions to grill and cook until there are some nice grill marks. Once steak is done set aside and let rest. Slice steak against the grain and put it on a platter. Top with avocado, green onions and cilantro. Serve with grilled corn tortillas and salsa if desired. Enjoy!

Marinade Recipe:

two cloves garlic (large)

½ cup Canola oil

¼ soy sauce

½ tsp garlic salt such as lawrys

juice from one lemon

1/8 tsp cracked pepper


In a food processor fitted with a metal blade mince the garlic. Add in the rest of the ingredients and pulse. Set aside.

Happy New Year!

While I am very excited for 2014 and all the fun things that I’m planning and dreaming of but…I still want to give a shout out to 2013 and all the fun things I got to showcase on the blog. Here’s a little 2013 recap!

January 2013 – Our family Christmas Card! Its amazing to me when you look at photos of kids because they grow so fast. Compare this one to the last photo of this post to see how much Georgiana has grown. 😉


February 2013: Georgiana’s 1st Birthday party! Well actually, her birthday was in November but I didn’t get around to posting the party until February and I was especially proud of the three tiered ruffled fondant cake I made. It actually had a ton of flaws but I seemed to be able to take the exact right shot of it that made it look pretty nice. Oh the magic of photography!


March 2013: Michael and I visited Nancy Silverton’s restaurant Osteria Mozza which was a fabulous experience. Below is the Orata fish that I ordered and enjoyed immensely. Fab-U-lous!


April 2013: Michael and I were lucky enough to visit yet ANOTHER awesome restaurant – Plow & Angel at San Ysidro Ranch. The meal was truly “on fire” as you can see. 😉


May 2013: My recipe for Chamomile Ice Cream. This ice cream deserves another mention because its subtle flavors mixed with the rich creaminess that is ice cream is one of my all time fav’s. If you haven’t already, definitely try it!


June 2013: A trip to the farmer’s market was a delight to photograph with its vibrant colors and drool worthy produce.


July 2013:  This year it was all about Ombre. I joined the herd and made this cake!


August 2013: Sometimes its worth it to look up.  😉


September 2013:  Fox News Magazine Feature! My ever popular Brussels Sprouts with Garlic Aioli was featured on the Fox News website and I was very honored to be the first recipe shown. I was also excited to shoot a 12 series video on cookie decorating that is on So many fun things things in November!


October 2013: The weather was cooling down in Santa Barbara and so I thought it was appropriate to share my French Onion Soup recipe. 😉


November 2013: I was a guest on a radio show! Super fun, exciting, scary, nerve racking and confusing. (Confusing because I kept wondering why they asked me to be on the show….!) I’m very thankful and humbled by the experience….


December 2013: And the end of the year has arrived. I’m a one year older and hopefully one year better. I learned a lot and I had up’s and down’s. My love has grown for those I care about and especially my darling Georgiana and handsome husband Michael. Happy New Year to everyone and thank you for reading my blog. Every click and comment means so much to me and I only hope that my ideas and recipes have somehow added to your life. Thank you!