Tuscan Pork with Rosemary, Garlic and Blueberries



In December of 2010 Michael and I were lucky enough to visit Florence, Italy. We had a recommendation to get The Slow Food Guide for Florence to find those little hidden treasures that a normal tourist might miss. We actually almost did miss finding this restaurant because it was so well hidden that we walked past it three times. The waiter barely spoke English and of course we didn’t speak Italian. (Although I did have some luck speaking Spanish to a taxi driver. I hadn’t thought of it until our way home). Anyway, we ordered pork that had been slow roasted with garlic and rosemary and drenched in white wine. I have been attempting to recreate this dish ever since. This is the closest I’ve come and I added in the blueberries. Michael said this meal could be added to the regular rotation. That means its really good. šŸ˜‰





2-3 lbs pork shoulder

1 cup dried blueberries

10 cloves of garlic cut in half

3 tbs chopped fresh rosemary

salt & pepper

2 cups white wine


Pat the pork dry with a paper towel. With a pairing knife, make small deep cuts in the meat to make pockets to insert the garlic, rosemary and blueberries. Ā Alternate inserting blueberries, rosemary and garlic into the cuts (on item per pocket). Sprinkle liberally with salt and pepper on both sides

In a large saute pan, heat two tablespoons of canola oil. Sear the meat on all sides until nicely browned. Place pork in the crockpot and pour wine on top. Sprinkle in any remaining garlic, rosemary or blueberries. Set crockpot on low and cook for 5-6 hours until meat is tender and easily flakes when shredded with two forks. Enjoy!


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