Making Bread AND the Importance of Cookbooks


When I got married my mom gave me a “Better Homes & Garden’s Cookbook.” I remember crying at my bridal shower after she gave it to me because it reminded me of the BH&G’s Cookbook SHE used my whole childhood. My sister and I use to flip through the pages drooling over the 1970’s photos of Strawberry Shortcake and Baked Alaska’s. Somehow, when my Mom gave me that cookbook it was almost like my childhood ending and my responsibility to carry on the love was beginning. My Grandmother had given my Mom the original BH&G’s cookbook when she got married and so it just felt surreal to be getting one of my own. Whenever we pull out my Mom’s old cookbook half of the pages are falling out or are stuck together with food splatterings. Its the most beautiful book in the world. Why do I tell you all of this? Well this bread recipe I got from BH&G’s. HERE it is. Maybe one day I’ll give Georgiana a BH&G’s cookbook at her bridal shower and a few of the below pictures. Hopefully she will be reminded of all our times in the kitchen (with her demanding her own apron and step stool!) and will continue the tradition of love in her own home. Our world would probably be a better place if there were more worn out cookbooks.


Georgiana took it upon herself to be sure that flour was all over the kitchen by the end. I wouldn’t expect anything less


Taste Test. Yeah, its good


Natural born chef


Pass the salt, please.



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