About Me

Well I think by now its pretty obvious that I love to cook. :) And you might too if you’re on this blog and you’ve taken the time to read this “About” page. So basically, we’re friends already! Other than cooking and coming up with recipes I love my husband and baby girl, photography, business, hot tea, taking baths and chocolate. I am also a recovering “diet-coke-aholic” who has vowed to never take another sip. My husband and I own a photography company in Santa Barbara, CA and enjoy working together. I find photography & making food to be a very cathartic experience especially when done at the same time. I really enjoy creating a lovely meal for those I care about and want to make a lot of lasting memories around the dinner table.  Fortunately I have a very enthusiastic and honest husband who gives me great feedback. Thank you for reading this “about” and for following the blog!

The city I love:

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Diet coke and canola oil are way to toxic to be consumed by someone as pretty as you! Please read up on both and you will find it easy to refrain from consuming

  2. Your blog caught my eye as your last name is my maiden name and I used to live in Santa Bsrbara! I feel I now have an obligation to try some of what appears to be yummy recipes!

    Jennifer Costa Ligeti

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