Mother’s Day & Table Decorations



This Mother’s Day I was able to host at my house. We had 8 guests total (including our little halfling) which warranted pulling the table away from the wall and inserting our table leaf. I was also excited because this unseasonable hot weather made my roses bloom extra early and I had a bumper crop that I could harvest for the table decorations. In addition, I used my Anthropologie paper table mats with some yellow napkins topped with a little morsel of chocolate for the party attendee’s. Georgiana was VERY excited about the ensuing party as you can see from her excitement in the below photo. Said photo also reveals a not so clean windows of which Georgiana regularly attends to putting finger prints on. But I’m sure you weren’t looking.





One of the forks is a drawing


My garden roses with their lovely pink tips. Oh the delight.




Whose says a cheese plate has to be boring? Cherries, mangoes, cheeses and fruit crackers. A colorful rainbow of deliciousness.





The woman of the night! Grandma Nell & Georgiana. Had I not been exhausted from all the decorating and cooking maybe I would have thought to take a generational shot. Oh well. There’s always next year. đŸ˜‰

How to make a Puppy Face Cookie out of Fondant (video)

Calling all puppy lovers! In this video I show how to make a puppy face out of fondant. SUCH a cute idea for the little one’s who love dogs. I know that Gigi would eat this up! (Pun intended… đŸ˜‰

Wedding Drool-Fest


So, as most of you know, I am a event & wedding photographer by day and a food blogger by night. Actually, reverse that. I shoot almost all my events in the evening and blog during the day!  I’m inclined to feature some of my wedding work since it is chock full of table decoration ideas and FOOD! This weddings was at the unimaginably beautiful Ojai Valley Inn & Spa and my couple was beyond delightful to work with. No bridezilla’s here! The event was designed and planned by Claudia Hoste and can I just say that I’m in LOVE with what she did. With shades of blush, pink and cream, this weddings design was romantic, dreamy and delightful. When I saw the set up I had to literally pick my jaw up from the ground because it was so breathtakinly beautiful. And to top it off, the purple wisteria that only blooms for literally a WEEK a year was in full force. I loved this wedding and hope you do to. Have napkin on hand because you may need to mop up some drool after viewing…


The view from on high


Fancy shmancy silver wedding shoes đŸ˜‰


To die for champagne wedding dress!



The wedding ceremony took place in the gorgeous Hacienda Courtyard at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa. I love the oak tree!


Wedding ceremony aisle flowers. I love how romantic and drapey they are….


Congrats to the Bride & Groom!


Purple wisteria in full bloom over the reception


Crystal chandelier hanging over the wedding tables


The Bride & Groom’s special chair covers. Love!


I’m obsessed with this birdcage centerpiece.


This cake was not only beautiful but delicious! It had this super interesting tangelo filling and was oh so scrumptious…


Gotta love the menu of course….


Old books tied with twine were used to create levels on the tables and add a nostalgic element.


Hanging wisteria. Ah…so romantic…sigh


Wild arugula salad with beets and shaved parmesan


Cast iron chicken with citrus sauce


Market vegetables

Cheers to the happy couple and thanks for having me be apart of your spectacular day. đŸ˜‰

Thanksgiving Table Top Ideas

The amazing Kelly Oshiro of styled this spectacular Thanksgiving table and I had the privilege of photographing it. All the rentals came from Town and Country here in Santa Barbara. I’m excited to use the persimmons from this shoot to make persimmons cookies… Hope you all have a fun and festive Thanksgiving. Happy Holidays!