Mommy/Daughter French Blue Striped Apron

I was inspired to create this apron design after a trip to Paris (my second favorite city!) and I’m absolutely DYING for Georgiana to get big enough to wear the matching mini version. I love the idea of aprons being a fashion statement even if you’re in the kitchen with no one around. Plus, I think any husband will agree that dressing up a bit around the house even if its just throwing on a cute apron is always a good thing. Smile. Michael probably would even suggest wearing heels but that might not happen….haha!

Pink Ruffled Apron Design

I’m sort of obsessed with pretty girly things and feel like kitchen aprons are the perfect way to express the ultimate of femininity. What was that song from the Disney movie, “Summer Magic”? “Femininity, femininity, thats the way to catch a beau!” I love it… And even though I already caught my “beau” I never get enough opportunities to wear fancy frilly things so why not wear them while cooking? Its the perfect way to have fun and play dress up while being productive and feeding the fam. This design is my personality to a T. Pink, Ruffles, Bows on an Apron = perfection. I designed  it and my friend an amazing seamstress Mercedes Trump sewed it for me. đŸ˜‰