Blueberry Farm



Georgiana and I had quite the lovely time at Restoration Oaks Ranch off the 101 fwy near Lompoc & Buelton. We were like kids in a candy store.  Both of us were stuffing our faces with these little blue morsels of goodness and having fun while doing it. I wish I had a great blueberry recipe to go along with this post, but this entire bucket was WAXED once we got home and Dad got a hold of them. Super fun and we’ll definitely go again!

blueberry_pail blueberry_bush child_holding_blueberry_pail child_picking_blueberries

Our House. At Sunset.


We get really beautiful sunsets in Santa Barbara. They are the type that you just can’t be inside while its happening. You have to go outside and stare. This one time I took my camera and here is the result. This is one (of many) great thing about Santa Barbara. There are sunsets year round and just when you think it can’t get any more beautiful it does. Also, we love our house. Its admittedly very small. I like to tell people its a “cottage” because its more flattering way of saying we live in a teeny tiny house. But we also live  downtown which is a bit pricey and we are happy to sacrifice on space to be surrounded by the excitement and wonder that is to behold. I’ve been thinking that I need to be taking more pictures of my neighborhood so I can document all the little fun things I see everyday. (Mostly on our way too and from the park). I’ll work on that and get back to you…


Nature at Night

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I shot these images at a Hope Ranch estate where I was hired to photography a private wedding. The night was beautiful and there was music and merriment and I had shot all that I possibly could think of. And then I realized I was under what looked like 100 year old tree’s that were super tall and there was just enough light for me to do some silhouette shots of them.  So even though you don’t see the party, just imagine it happening below these beautiful boughs.