Cap n’ Gown Treats

Graduation season is coming up! These little Cap n’ Gown treats are easy to make and super impressive looking which makes it a win-win dessert.  And since my brother graduated from UCLA and is now going to Harvard for graduate school I want to be sure to really impress him… I’m sure this will do the trick. haha!


Hostess Mini Chocolate Donuts

Ghiradelli Chocolate Squares (individually wrapped)

Red Twizzlers (unraveled and cut in one inch pieces)

Buttercream Frosting (reserve a small amount and dye red. Put it into a piping bag affixed with a small round tip)

Direction for Assembling:

Take a donut and spread a small amount of buttercream frosting on the top. Place a chocolate square over the buttercream. Place a twizzler and secure it onto the middle of the cap by piping a dot of red icing over it. Repeat with remaining ingredients.