Mother’s Day & Table Decorations



This Mother’s Day I was able to host at my house. We had 8 guests total (including our little halfling) which warranted pulling the table away from the wall and inserting our table leaf. I was also excited because this unseasonable hot weather made my roses bloom extra early and I had a bumper crop that I could harvest for the table decorations. In addition, I used my Anthropologie paper table mats with some yellow napkins topped with a little morsel of chocolate for the party attendee’s. Georgiana was VERY excited about the ensuing party as you can see from her excitement in the below photo. Said photo also reveals a not so clean windows of which Georgiana regularly attends to putting finger prints on. But I’m sure you weren’t looking.





One of the forks is a drawing


My garden roses with their lovely pink tips. Oh the delight.




Whose says a cheese plate has to be boring? Cherries, mangoes, cheeses and fruit crackers. A colorful rainbow of deliciousness.





The woman of the night! Grandma Nell & Georgiana. Had I not been exhausted from all the decorating and cooking maybe I would have thought to take a generational shot. Oh well. There’s always next year. đŸ˜‰