Quitting Diet Soda. A 6 Step Program.

Even though I’ve quit diet soda it doesn’t mean that I have any judgements on those that haven’t. I drank it for so long (see figure 1 below) that I had my share of people warning me and wagging their fingers at my bad habit. Let’s be real, we all know diet soda is bad for you! Its not really a secret. So, if you have found this page because you are looking to quit, are curious or merely feeling guilty and wanting to see what other’s have done, then welcome! Whatever stage of your diet coke relationship just  know that its possible to have a successful break up if you want. I’m sharing what I did and hope that it helps those looking for a solution. Just for the heck of it I listed some additional adverse affects of drinking diet soda just in case there’s a few you haven’t heard. How cool would it be if in the future diet coke was only used to make explosions with mentos!?


Quitting Diet Soda. 6 Step Program.

1. Admit that diet soda is adversely affecting your health (see reasons below)

2. Make a commitment to stop drinking it completely and to never take another sip. (This step is important!)

3. Stop drinking diet soda

4. Stock up with replacement drinks that are aspartame free. Sparkling water naturally flavored with lemon or lime is great as well as Zevia (Zevia is sweetened with Stevia which is a natural sweetner). If necessary you may allow yourself to drink a little regular soda (like one bottle of mexican coke) to take the edge off in the beginning. I found this helpful since I don’t really like sugary drinks and am not in danger of overindulging.  However, if you feel this will result in another addiction then steer clear.

5. Keep caffeine pills on hand for emergencies. I know this also sounds like a recipe for another addiction but hear me out.  My hypothesis is that those that overdo it on diet soda aren’t the same people that overdo it on caffeine. Those are the energy drink/espresso drinkers. Diet soda people have more of a thing with eating and the caffeine addiction is a residual of that. Taking a little caffeine in pill form isn’t nearly as fun as drinking a diet soda and definitely not as delicious. So if you are putting off quitting diet soda because your concerned about your caffeine headaches then just take a little caffeine in pill form until you can wean yourself off. A diet soda has about 50 mg’s of caffeine. The pills I found are 200 mg’s so I just cut them in half and then in half again with a butter knife. Easy!

6. Congratulate yourself for your victory over diet soda and recommit daily to staying diet soda free!

Grocery List:

Zevia (found at Whole Foods or online. Their cola flavor does have caffeine in it)

Sparkling Water (I get a box with 12 can’s naturally flavored with lemon & lime)

Caffeine Pills (You can find this in any drugstore and most grocery stores)

Diet Soda Fun Facts!

Metabolic Syndrome results in some pretty scary symptoms. This was the least scary picture I found but if you google “metabolic syndrome” you’ll get the idea. Not cute.


Aspartame converts to Menthanol in your system which then turns into formaldehyde. Yikes! The results of this are:

Symptoms from methanol poisoning are many, and include:

  • Headaches
  • Ear buzzing
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Gastrointestinal disturbances
  • Weakness
  • Vertigo
  • Chills
  • Memory lapses
  • Numbness and shooting pains in the extremities
  • Behavioral disturbances
  • Neuritis

The origins of aspartame are unfortunately just as suspect as aspartame itself. Here is a timeline of how and why aspartame was approved by the FDA. I hate to bag on the government as I know Washington is normally full of people with integrity (note sarcasm) but here are the FACTS.

Hope you enjoyed and please update me on your progess!

Breaking up with Diet Coke. Take 461. (Warning: Snarky Rant Ahead)

Can I just say that I’m completely annoyed with all the things that apparently kill you in the world!? Diet coke is the one that I’m attempting to distance myself from, but seriously, does ANYTHING not kill you eventually? I mean if you’re a vegetarian you’re gonna die from protein deficiency and diabetes from eating too many carbs. If you eat meat your gonna die from a heart attack. If you go in the sun you’ll get skin cancer but if you don’t then you’ll have a vitamin D deficiency. Your body needs sugar! Actually you’ll die from sugar! Are you eating too much salt? Oh no, wait! If you don’t have salt in your diet you’ll DIE. Some doctors recommend drinking diet soda to eliminate all the sugar that is causing obesity. Oh wait, no. Don’t drink diet soda because its made from e-coli mixed with toxic waste that some mustache twisting corporate jerk off decided to market as a joke. You will get diabetes drinking diet coke anyway and will grow a second head. Food combine! No, that doesn’t work just count your calories. Oh no no no, don’t you know you have to find out your blood type in order to lose weight? Don’t watch TV or you’ll get ADD. Wait, TV has so much information that if you’re out of the loop you’ll be like one of those weird home-school kids from the backwoods of Arkansas. Video games will make you a crazy lunatic that will inevitably make you go gun down your coworkers at the local post office. But wait, actually its been proven that video games are much like crossword puzzles and keep your brain sharp.

Okay, end rant. I’m just mad that I’m quitting diet coke (again) because its like my best frenemy. Nothing in the world is free, but I definitely felt like diet coke was my one free thing. The one little indulgence that I wouldn’t have to pay for later at my waistline. But aparently that is incorrect and not only will I die of diabetes, cancer and a myriad of other complications but more importantly it is actually making me fat. Yes fat. I have worked freaking hard to get back within 5 pounds of my pre pregnancy weight and am bound and determined to not stop. AND I want to work off the wedding pounds that I gained over the years and didn’t bother to lose before the baby. So, I won’t be happy until all the fat is shed and if that means no diet coke then so be it.

Now, this might sound really hypocritical but I’m only giving up diet soda NOT regular soda. Whaaaaat? Here’s the thing. If I drink regular soda I drink dramatically less than when I drink diet. Like 5x’s less. So this is my weening period and drinking a little regular coke during the day is taking the edge off.  I’m also drinking sparkling water to give myself some kind of substitute. It helps but is so not as good.

Okay, I sound like the whiniest person on the face of the planet and I’m sure I am. But this is just how I feel right now. I thought maybe I would drink diet coke secretly (like those closet smokers) but realized that no one cares that I drink it so big whoop. And I’m the only one I’m hurting. So hopefully I can focus on looking hot and fabulous and making that the priority when I get a mid afternoon headache and a craving for a little caffeine boost. Those commerical with Taylor Swift drinking diet coke are so hard to resist though! I mean she is so cute and I feel like, “Oh, Taylor Swift is drinking diet coke and she hasn’t grown a second head from it, so I should be fine!” Taylor, you are beautiful and I’m not mad at you. You probably got paid an obscene amount of money to endorse diet coke.  Beyonce on the other hand did a pepsi/diet pepsi commercial that in no way makes me want to drink it. Sorry Beyonce. Taylor won. (And Coke is waaaay better anyway…)

Alright so my last question: Is there a community support group for diet coke drinkers? It should be called DCA (Diet Coke Anonymous). If there isn’t then I’ll host it at my place. Who wants to come?